Presentation of the range I-Dog

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- The NEOCITY harness provides considerable flexibility to the dog and helps him floating thanks to its neoprene composition.
- The NEOCAM harness features a universal mounting bracket for al types of action cameras. Perfect for perceiving the world with the dog’s eyes.
- Finally, the CANICROSS sports harness ensures comfort for the dog while pulling thanks to its supporting system. This harness is dedicated to dogs that practise regularly physical activities.
I-DOG offers you a range of leads providing more comfort and safety:
- The COMFORT lead is available in 60 or 120 cm length and features a shock absorbing system. It is intended to dampen the heavy drags of the dogs.
- The COMFORT lead Security Car is equipped with a system allowing attachment to the safety belt of a car. This lead improves the safety of your dog during car rides.
- The CANICROSS lead is adjustable without strain between 150 cm and 200 cm and is extensible up to 260 cm under strain. Thanks to its shock absorbing system, it can provide smooth or strong dampening. This allows for controlling the dog and holding him well while running.
- The CANICROSS accessories for dogs (lead and harness) are completed by the CANICROSS sports belt. This belt can be connected to the CANICROSS lead which itself is attached to the CANICROSS harness. It ensures a better tracking of the dog while running.
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