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No, it is recommended to use the CONFORT TREK and RAIDLIGHT range for less intensive activities such as cani-jogging, cani-trail or cani-walking, in moderate traction. For canicross, it is recommended to use the ALM or ONE range, which are perfectly adapted for this sport.

I-DOG products are designed and developed under the best conditions and by specialists in the field of dog products. All I-DOG products are guaranteed for 5 years. I-DOG's guarantee will only apply if, despite all the care taken in the manufacture of these articles, an obvious manufacturing defect prevents their proper use. A pierced or torn product will not be guaranteed. I-DOG declines all responsibility in case of injury to the dog.

We do partner with canicross events. We provide equipment for your event through precise specifications. You can contact the communication department: for any partnership request.

Both disciplines have the common feature of being pulled by a dog. The only difference is the pulling force exerted by the dog. In canicross, the pull is strong and intense, whereas in cani-jogging, the pull is light and moderate. It is important to distinguish between these two practices because the equipment required is quite different. For canicross it is recommended to use the ALM and/or ONE range, for cani-jogging, all our ranges are adapted.

I-DOG products such as the harness drawcord, drawstring, harness crotch straps etc. are wearing parts that can deteriorate during practice or due to poor maintenance. It is important to check the equipment before use and to ensure that it is in good working order.
I-DOG declines all responsibility in case of damage or accident that could lead to serious consequences.

First of all, it is important to visit our website: You can find all the necessary information: sizing, product maintenance, guarantee, use of the ranges, etc. In addition, the Youtube channel I-DOG is available to find explanatory tutorials.

For all purchases of I-DOG products, you can go directly to a pet shop/garden centre and/or sports shop or directly to our e-shop.