How to choose your product

Measuring recommendations


Choose the size of the harness by measuring (A) the circumference of the thoracic cavity (A) at the largest point.

Néocity & Néocam

Sizes XS S M L XL
Circonférence poitrail A en cm 43-57 46-60 53-69 66-89 81-109

Harnais Confort

Sizes S M L XL
Circonférence poitrail A en cm 54-68 62-84 68-92 82-120

Harnais X-Back one

Taille Tour de Cou Poids
XS 38-40cm 143Gr
S 41-43cm 151Gr
M 44-46cm 158Gr
L 47-49cm 193Gr
XL 50-52cm 199Gr

Harnais Style

Taille XS S M L XL
Circonférence poitrail A en cm
Breast Circumference
49-62 54-68 62-84 68-92 82-120


Disponible prochainement !


Yes, it is possible to personalise your harness. Our partner D3 Broderie creates your patches dedicated to be attached to the harnesses of the I-DOG brand. You can choose the size, the colour of the yarn used for the embroidery and the text of your patch. Order your patch right now here.

No, it is up to you to provide the attachment for your camera. However, I-DOG provides a packet of screws with the NEOCAM harness that allow you to fix your own attachment for your specific camera to the mounting bracket. This mounting bracket is universal and is suited for all types of camera attachments.

Yes, the NEOCITY and NEOCAM harnesses are suitable for big and small dogs. They are available in different sizes from XS to XL. I-DOG provides a “size guide” that you will find further up and that helps you to choose the correct size for your dog. Make sure you perform a proper measurement of your dog’s chest so that the harness fits well to his body and is ready for use on receipt.

The phenomenon of reversal of the rings of drive in condition canicross, comes because the harness is not enough squeezed laterally and thus goes back up on the back of the dog by squeezing up. The side belts are equipped partially lower (stomach), of an elastic allowing the tightening without compressing the dog.By adjusting these belts with more tightening, this phenomenon will be limited.

This harness is exclusively intended for the followers of regular Canicross even competitor. He cannot be to use that in mode(fashion) drive. You cannot walk your dog with the harness X-BACK ONE. The use of this harness is meaningful, since the dog has an effect of intense drive to make gain speed to its master(teacher). It is advised(recommended) to use this range only with experimented dogs and entrainés in the canicross.

Yes these two ranges are multi-purpose(versatile) and allow to practise the canicross in leisure. You can use these two ranges for your occasional sports exits(releases) with your dog as the canicross, the canirando or still the canivtt. The advantage of these two harnesses is that you can use them to the everyday life(daily paper) to walk your dogs.