Encircle Canicross ONE

This belt has a wide dorsal basis to marry at best the shape of the back of the runner. The positioning of this belt owes is realized on the top of glutei or as low as possible dorsal part(party) to optimize the drive of the dog without engendering of in annoying knocks.
The belt CANICROSS ONE is established(constituted) by a type(chap) RIPSTOP's outside fabric(tissue) ultra resistant as well as type(chap) MESH's foam lining(stand-in) eliminating the effects of perspiration.

General characteristics: 

     • Compound(Made up) of a pocket with closure(lock) slide channel
     • Adjustable belt by buckle(loop) clip
     • The connecting with the leash ONE remits in the rope fixed to the rings of every sides of the belt
     • The wash is to be made for the soapy water
     • Weigh 250 gr
     • Available in a single color

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